[Trending Now] Bringing Back the Choker
Remember those stretchy black elastic chokers that made every 90s girl feel instantly cool and edgy? They’re back, and inspiring a wave of choker necklaces that are better than ever. These new and evolved pieces are becoming increasingly trendy on and off the ramp, spotted on celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Sonam Kapoor.
Sonam Kapoor
Image via voompla.com
Beautiful renditions of the choker were also seen on the Spring Summer 2016 runways. Dior got creative by pairing their chokers over scarves. Chanel went industrial with chunky chains and J.W Anderson showcased bold gilded designs fit for any season.
dior-chokerThe choker trend on the Dior runway
Image via disneyrollergirl.com

Whether dainty and delicate, or bold and statement-making, chokers are back in style and flattering necklines everywhere.all are equally flattering. That being said  Let'slets looks at the best ways to rock the choker for Spring Summer 2016.

The Black Band
the_style_edgeImage via TheStyleEdge.com

Thin or thick, the black ribbon choker screams sex appeal. Blogger Santoshi Shetty from The Style Edge adds a tiny pendant to hers, and it instantly completes her look.

The DIY Bow

AudriestormeImage via AudrieStorme.com
Pick up ribbon or leather cord from your local craft store and simply tie it around your neck for a boho-chic alternative. We love the way content creator and blogger Audrie Storme ties her DIY choker into a delicate bow.

The Collar

ISHARYA Black Hampi Wire Choker

 If you want to show off your collarbones, the open ended choker is the way to go. They sit on the bone and look extremely sensual, no matter the outfit.

The Bold
ISHARYA Black Obsidian Croc Choker
Image via Mariah Longo

Make a bold statement by wearing chokers with eye-catching pendants or designs. Makeup artist and model Mariah Longo looks flawless wearing the ISHARYA Black Obsidian Croc choker.

The Gold

Image via thesuperficial.com

If you love monochrome outfits, then you know a gold choker is the ultimate must-have accessory. We adore this look on Taylor Swift at the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscars party. Fierce! Get the look with the ISHARYA Origami Gold Choker Necklace.

origamiISHARYA Origami Gold Choker Necklace

Falling in love with this trend? Browse through our selection of choker necklaces (click here!) and find your favorite today! Happy shopping.



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[Fashion Jewelry Inspiration] The Abstract Mughal Collection

Here at ISHARYA, we try to blend Western and Indian cultures into unique eye-catching designs. We’re constantly looking for new ideas that spark our imagination and deliver a creative edge that we can infuse in our jewelry. This time we explored modern art and gorgeous Mughal structures that have dotted the landscapes of India for eons. 


Arguably, the biggest art movement of the 20th century was cubism, where artists like Pablo Picaso and Georges Braque sought to flatten their perception of the world and recreate something new. What was so bizarre yet alluring is that up until that time, people saw their world as is, and couldn’t imagine it any other way. It took a imagination and courage that only true artists like Picasso and Braque possess to shatter what we once knew. It’s no wonder that paintings such as Les Demoiselles d’Avignon were so radical at the time. Lines were disjointed, figures were distorted and overtime gave rise to circular, outlandish and fascinating representations of reality. Just like these paintings, ISHARYA designers were inspired to create unique shapes and ridged angels, that are reflected in our new collection.



 Image via arthistoryarchive.com

The Mughals

Akbar the Great, Shah Jahan and all the other emperors had one main thing in common, their absolute resolve to be surrounded by beautiful architecture and art. They pushed the boundaries of perception in India by bringing their Persian flair to everything. Mehrangarh Fort in Jaipur has that Mughal signature style with quaint, colourful stain glass doors and windows. Structures had to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and of the highest design quality. The most famous testament to this type of thinking (and to love) is of course the Taj Mahal. We pay homage to those minarets and the decadence of that period, by recreating their shape and highlighting vibrant gemstones.


 Image via Wikipedia.org

ISHARYA Abstract Mughal

Our latest collection is in many ways a cubist perception of Mughal masterpieces that have been transformed into luxe designer jewels. We present to you – Abstract Mughal.


Abstract Mughal Three Stone Statement Ring

Abstract Mughal Midi Band Rings

Abstract Mughal Blue Lapis Stackable Bangle

Abstract Mughal Marsala Quartz Stackable Bangle

Abstract Mughal Jewel Statement Ring

Abstract Mughal Jewel Lattice Cuff

The vibrant pops of color from Mughal stained glass windows can now be worn as bangles, cocktail rings and statment earrings. 


Abstract Mughal Midi Band Rings

Abstract Mughal Fringe Chain Ring

Abstract Mughal Pink Long Drop Earring

Abstract Mughal Marsala Quartz Stackable Bangle

Abstract Mughal Jewel Statement Ring

Beautiful combinations of blue lapis, green malachite, marsala quartz and blue chalcedony gemstones bring life and luxury to your spring wardrobe.


Abstract Mughal Tassel Earrings

Abstract Mughal Jewel Statement Ring

Abstract Mughal Jewel Fringe Cuff

If you’re ready to get creative with your personal style, or simply want new jewels that have an air of royalty, this collection won't dissapoint. 


 Abstract Mughal Tassel Earrings

Abstract Mughal Tassel Pendant Necklace

Don’t forget to tag us on social media! We love seeing your chic outfits styled with the latest ISHARYA jewels.


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Red Carpet Trends: Taking The Plunge

It's awards season and that means one thing, all eyes are on our favorite red carpet royalty. Stylists have been pulling outfits from top runways, and it looks like they’ve been heavily influenced by the delicate displays of décolletage. The plunging neckline is not new to the runways or the stars, however it gets its time in the spotlight every year; who can forget Jennifer Lopez in that tropical print Versace dress at the Grammys?

This time around though, we’re looking at a more restrained pairing of deep V-necks with fresh faced makeup and barely there jewels that ooze sophistication and luxury. While some of these celebrities may have bared a bit too much, the majority hit this trend right on and turned heads for all the right reasons. Polished, understated yet right on trend, we’ve pulled together ten of the most lust-worthy looks that have us all talking at the ISHARYA offices.

Here are our top 10 looks:



Via Vogue.com 
Bella Hadid at the Grammys 2016
Wearing Alexandra Vaultheir dress and Bulgari jewels


Via Popsugar.au
Selena Gomez at the Grammys 2016
Wearing Calvin Klein dress with Norman Silverman earrings and David Webb ring


Via Popsugar.com
Dakota Johnson at Bafta 2016
Wearing Dior dress and Jimmy Choo heels


Via Becauseiamfabulous.com
Rooney Mara at SAG 2016
Wearing Valentino dress and Fred Leighton jewels


Via 25cineframes.com
Kajal Aggarwal at Filmfare 2016
Wearing Swapnil Shinde dress


Via Nydailynew.com
Katy Perry at Golden Globes 2016
Wearing Prada dress


Via Cinephotos.com
Parineeti Chopra at Filmfare 2016
Wearing Shivan and Narresh dress and Isharya jewels


Via Fashiontimes.com
Eva Longora at SAG 2016
Wearing Julien Macdonald dress and Lorraine Schwartz jewels


Via Glamour.com
Emilia Clarke at BAFTA 2016
Wearing Victoria Beckham dress and Jimmy Choo heels


Via Eonline.com
Kirsten Dunst at Golden Globes 2016
Wearing Valentino Dress


The key to all these bodacious outfits is the right accessory; these style goddesses have left their long necks bare, but opted for unique stud earrings and one-off bracelets to complete their looks.

Taking a cue from their outfits, here are our suggestions if you’d like to add that bit of red carpet sparkle to your next date night outfit: 

Isharya Pyramid Mirror Mini Stud Earrings


Isharya Origami Pearl Stud Earrings


Isharya Blue Serpent Druzy Wire Cuff


Isharya Origami Gold Edge Cuff


Planning to take the plunge yourself? Tag your photos with #isharya to show us how you accessoriezed your date night look.  

signature-200px.jpg (more…)

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[Fashion Jewelry Inspiration] Temple Muse
Artists have always had their muses, and fashion has taken the era of the muse to new heights. Inspired by this ethereal feminine beauty and gorgeous Indian temples, the ISHARYA designers created a collection that would please any woman with a muse-like attitude – Temple Muse.

Image via MetMuseum.org
Cotton’ing to the Muse

As the soft pearlescence of the Art Nouveau period morphed into the glitzier Jazz Age pearls of the Art Deco period, they turned trendy - but spendy. So stylish fashionistas with more dash than cash opted for an interesting alternative: compressed cotton dipped in a shimmery, pearlescent coating. Japanese Cotton Pearls, while just as chic, are actually more lightweight to wear. And don’t be fooled by their delicate appearance: these beauties go the distance, adding class and sass to whatever you’re wearing for years to come. And these days, they’re keeping some fairly lofty company - lovely lapis lazuli, quirky quartzite and inky marcasite - as part of our glittery Temple Muse collection.


  Elegant Inspiration The elegant vaulted arches of magnificent Indian temples, inlaid with a treasure trove of gorgeous gemstones inspired our designers to pay homage to these architectural delights. Ornate curves, colorful stones and intricate patterns are used to adorn the modern muse with a touch of temple art.
Image via paintandpattern.com
Muses for a New Millennium

Legend has it that the mortal lucky enough to be graced by the attention of a muse would revel in new artistic forms and insights. Fast forward to the 19th century, and fashion removed her wings and plunked her down on the catwalk. The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion, held in 2009 at NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, was dedicated to the crowd-pleasing mannequins that inspire women everywhere to dress in ways that capture the Zeitgeist.


Image via canalblog.com
Inspired by femine frocks, classic jewels and a muse-like attitude, ISHAYA presents Temple Muse.

Delicate gemstone earcuffs that rise above the rest.


Temple Muse Gemstone Earcuff Earring

Temple Muse Filigree Arm Cuff

A dazzling statement necklace combining intriciate gold details with perfectly polished stones and pearls.


Temple Muse Gemstone and Pearl Statement Necklace

Lightweight pearls that lay across your fingers just so.

And goddess-worthy bangles and cuffs.

Who is your style muse? And how does she inspire you to wear our Temple Muse collection? Be sure to let us know by using @Isharya!


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Fall Fashion 2015: A Rose-y Forecast For Pantone Colors

Summer styles are slipping away, and Fall Fashion 2015 is here!

It starts with the short-lived, but highly-anticipated, return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Then the foliage follows suit, changing from dry-looking olives and decaying greens to fiery red-oranges, showy yellows and rich earthy browns, after which the trees dramatically shed their leaves in anticipation of the coming winter. Finally, out come all those cozy, snuggly knits that we stored so patiently all summer long. Autumn has arrived!

Pantone Color Palette Fall 2015

Images via pantone.com

Pantone Fall Palette 2015

This fall, our favorite fashion season is a muted and sophisticated boy-meets-girl affair of effortless opposites and elegant shades, poised and confident. Starting with the glitzy allure of the 20s through to the mid-century modernists and ending with the boho-chic of the 70s, progressive moments in the 20th century have been distilled into a colorful homage. This palette comprises the most important and directional hues for Fall Fashion 2015. “This season displays an umbrella of accord that weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural,” explains Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute about fashion’s time-traveling and “truly unisex” color palette for Fall 2015. “Naturally-inspired colors remind us of things that are real and protective,” she continues, noting that this season’s colors “are evocative of a love for nature and a timeless appreciation for warmth and security.”

Cashmere Rose

Particularly the 60s inflected Cashmere Rose. “A tactile and soft pink hue, it renders exactly what it promises,” she adds. “Cultivated in its richness, Cashmere Rose displays a gently persuasive and composed pink that is more upscale than downtown.” Which is why ladylike designers such as Lela Rose and Pamella Roland featured it - as an elegant coat and evening gown, respectively. Rose found herself inspired by “the colorful, patterned and textured world of birds,” while Roland was feeling in the pink after a trip to Paris (who wouldn’t?!) and channeled that ooh-la-la in to creating “classics for the future.” And it certainly dress-ed things up at Alice & Trixie (“just the right mix of mod and boho”), Rachel Pally (“simple-yet-sexy”) and somewhat cerebrally at Katie Gallagher, who was inspired by the notion of a “blur or blob in space.” 

Pantone Cashmere Rose Fall 2015 Sketches

Images via pantone.com

Cashmere Rose on the Runway

Pink has continued stalking the catwalks as a strong trend for Spring 2016. “I’m in my rose period,” notes Carolina Herrera, who layered thick horizontal "stripes" of tulle in various pinks to fabulous effect. Diane von Furstenberg was similarly feeling la vie en rose and seeming to channeling her iconic 70s ad campaign, but with a new millennium twist: "Feel like a woman - wear a pink dress." And Banana Republic’s much-buzzed-about new'ish Creative Director Marissa Webb - the one responsible for making J. Crew so craveworthy at one time - showed tailored separates that make a girl actually want to sport workwear. The Spring collection also represented a collaboration with the CFDA and cult-fave designer Timo Weiland, and the colorful, travel-inspired looks are all the proof we need that it’s time, once again, to think pink! Particularly paired with hints of coral and salmon as shown in this look.

Pantone Cashmere Rose Fall 2015 Runway Images

Images via style.com

ISHARYA Cashmere Rose Jewelry

Translation: we love to think pink and have jumped onto this trend like there’s no tomorrow...or better yet: like it’s yesterday! Starting with our 24k-gold trimmed Pastel Rani collection, which features Cashmere Rose’s opulent gemstone besties: violet, orchid and sunny daffodil.

Isharya Pantone Rose Pastel Rani Jewelry Collection

Pastel Rani Collection

Our Orchid Goddess collection features the feminine pink, purple and fuchsia undertones that make Cashmere Rose so flattering. Plus go so well when paired with a menswear-inspired jacket or blazer.

Isharya Pantone Rose Pastel Rani Jewelry Collection  

Orchid Goddess Collection

And when we’re feeling unabashedly girlie and ready to get our accessorize-Accessorize-ACCESSORIZE on, we’ll be reaching for the cheery Rose Cashmere, daffodil and violet long earring - paired, naturellement (like Pamella) with the très Cashmere Rose Pastel Rani Statement Ring. Or, perhaps, a stack of cuffs made from the Pastel Rani Quartz cuff, the timelessly elegant Orchid Goddess Skinny cuff or Honeycomb Bangle or really rockin’ and Rose-in’ in a princess-perfect pink cuff.

Isharya Orchid Goddess Slim Cuff Bracelet 

Orchid Goddess Slim Cuff
Pink Flambe Vendome Square Resin Cuff

And shamelessly show off our Cashmere Rose panache after we place our order and proceed to somewhat (um, okay, very) showily - and slowly! - reach for that Pumpkin Spice Latte.


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Fashion Jewelry Inspiration: The Mysterious Allure of Origami
Fashion inspiration sometimes originates in the most unlikely of places. Like origami, that intriguing ancient art of folding paper. History of Origami Paper was originally invented around 105 AD in China, but it wasn’t until the 6th century that monks brought it to Japan. The Japanese word for “to fold,” or “oru,” combined with their term for paper, “kami,” created the term origami. However, paper was still painstakingly made by hand at the time and very rare, a precious luxury and available only to a few, so any paper that was folded was for special ceremonies only, typically religious in nature. But by the 17th century, as paper became more widely available, origami had become a recreational pastime in Japan - with elaborate creations like the “thousand crane folding” becoming quite the trend.

The Allure of Origami

Image via giladorigami.com

Origami Birds Fortune Notes

Image via fortunenotes.com
However, where fancifulness originally ruled, mathematics soon entered and modern origami now incorporates puzzles into the folding, challenging people to manipulate a single piece of paper into elaborate shapes - without cutting or gluing. Origami masters, like the late Akira Yoshizawa, even employed sets of symbols, arrows and elaborate diagrams to explain entire systems of folding patterns.

Origami Birds

Image via Pinterest
Origami has once again been experiencing a comeback of sorts, particularly in art, with the intriguing work of abstract paper folders including Jean-Claude Correia and Paul Jackson. Origami Fashion And in Fashionland, starting with the always avant-garde Issey Miyake. The 132 5 collection of geometric shapes of fabric mysteriously - and marvelously! - unfolds and unfurls into wearable items of clothing. Novel and novelty-driven, certainly, but still impressive and forward-thinking - particularly in our age of jetsetting about while dealing with draconian carry-on restrictions.  

Origami Fashion

Image via Blogspot
Origami on the Runway The runway then picked up on the origami trend in earnest at the Spring 2014 shows. Of origami note: on-trend metallics, particularly razor-sharp origami’ish pleating at Dries Van Noten, Antipodium, Celine, Proenza Schouler and Ports 1961; funky origami’esque tops at Christopher Kane; and pleaty-layers at Ferragamo, Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang. And who can forget the giant white origami flowers that Karl Lagerfeld employed to dramatic effect on the Chanel Spring 2015 Couture runway - which opened mechanically to reveal a campy, yet undeniably fabulous bloom of color!

Origami on Chanel Runway 2015

Image via itsliquid.com

Origami on Chanel Runway

Image via Getty Images
ISHARYA's Origami Jewelry Collection Our own designers here at ISHARYA also succumbed to origami fever, in particular, the crispness of the mathematical folds and numerical underlying order. These facets of paper-folding lend creative works just enough rigorous discipline to be interesting, but without crossing back into “the box.” Rather, they seem to cross-over directly into the geometric edginess of Art Deco. Almost, but not quite. Instead, they maintain a hint of their exotic origin that is so prevalent in the zeitgeist right now. Which is another way of saying: “looks great with your LBD, your designer jeans and a sleek white tee, and other fash classics.”

Origami Jewelry by ISHARYA

Origami Jewelry by ISHARYA

If you’re not sure where to start, we suggest the Blue Chalcedony Origami Stud earrings, which let you take the refreshing blues of the ocean with you anywhere. A stack of the Origami Gold Pyramid Cuffs because...cuffs. And the Origami Gold Statement Necklace which is chic, on-trend and easy to wear with almost everything in your wardrobe right now.


Eye-catching enough to set you apart but crazy-easy to wear, our origami pieces will - most likely - have you reaching for them again and again this season. Show us how you Origami by tagging @Isharya.     (more…)
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[Rakhi Gifts] Make Your Sister Shine Like a Star in ISHARYA Jewelry

It's that time of the year again, when markets in India are flooded with pretty rakhis and gift boxes for Raksha Bandhan. While sisters get to choose from plenty of beautiful rakhis for their brothers, the men don't have it quite so easy.

Choosing the perfect rakhi for your first and original best friend in life can be a daunting task. If you're one of the many men whose idea of a great Rakhi gift is a box of chocolates, you may want to step your game up this year - and we've got your covered. (Ladies - if you're reading this, you may want to casually share it with that brother of yours.)

We'll make this simple: When buying a gift for a girl, you can never go wrong with jewelry. The real trick however, is choosing the kind of jewelry that your sister will actually wear and love.

Here are a few options for you to consider:

Drop Earrings

It doesn’t matter whether your sister is a young college student, entrepreneur or stay-at-home mom, she can always use a pair of gorgeous drop earrings added to her wardrobe. These earrings are super versatile and can be worn with a silk kurta for an elegant look or with a little red dress for a chic statement. ISHARYA has a wide range of modern and sleek drops that any girl would love. The Deco Mirror drop Earrings and rose quartz fuchsia Gem Rocks libra earrings, among others, will add the perfect touch to her outfits. The fact that drop earrings are always popular choice among celebs, will only double her happiness. 



Deepika Padukone as seen in ISHARYA Rani Rocks drop earrings.


Rani Rocks Two Stone Earring



While she's tying a sentimental rakhi onto your wrist, why not add some bling to hers? Our silver Dew Drop Mirror bracelet, inspired by nature, is a gorgeous option for a Rakhi gift. The Prism Mirror pearl bracelet is another piece that will make you the best brother of all time when it comes to gift-giving. Hoping to capture the meaning of this colorful, vibrant holiday in your gift? Check out the Rani Rocks multi stone bracelet.





Rani Rocks Multi Stone Bracelet

Stud Earrings

Maybe your darling sis is more of tomboy, and prefers to keep her jewerly simple. In any case, stud earrings are a must have for any girl, especially those who don't like experimenting with jewelry too much. Buying a boring pair of studs that look just like a pair she already owns might not get you any brownie points. The trick here would be to buy studs that break away from the usual designs. ISHARYA’s Origami gold stud earrings and Deco Mirror stud earrings are smart choices. Social diva or punk rock chic, these beauties are loved by all!





Goddess Link Stud Earring


Not to be confused with the cuffs at the end of your sleeves - like our statement cufflinks. Slim cuffs are a great accessory to dress up the wrist without the weight. They can instantly give a lift to her outfit (both Indian and western), and adapt to the look she wants to sport. Surprise her with the Op Art slip on cuff for a bold and beautiful Rakhi gift. If she is more discrete with her style, there’s nothing she would love more than the silver Deco Mirror cuff. Pick the Jewel Rani shaded pink slim cuff for the trend-setting sis.




Jewel Rani Shaded Pink Skinny Cuff


Layered Pendants

Every girl wants that perfect piece of jewelry that will add an element of everyday glam to her wardrobe. A layered pendant is just that! It can be fun and feminine at the same time. Delicate when paired with warm colored Indian outfits; but adds some edge when worn with a white tee and jeans. If you like the classic look, go with the Dew Drop Mirror layered pendant available in gold and silver. For a more colorful personality, pick the strawberry ice Dew Drop enamel layered pendant. Even better? Layer your choice of two separtae pendants for a unique looks like our Croc triangle pendant and Croc rectangle pendant below. 


Minimal Croc Collection Croc Hexagonal Pendant by ISHARYA Jewelry


Croc Triangle Pendant by ISHARYA Jewelry

Croc Triangle Pendant


Croc Rectangle Pendant_by ISHARYA Jewelry

 Croc Rectangle Pendant

The bond between a brother and sister will always be special, and you don’t need Rakhi gifts to prove it. However, there's no harm in putting in a little extra effort to show your sister some love. Think about all the times she had your back growing up! Siblings are amazing, and should be celebrated at least once a year. Have a Happy Raksha Bandhan!



PS - Tag with your rakhi gift at #isharya.




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[Photo Blog] Fold into Fall with ISHARYA Origami Jewelry Collection

Fresh fall fashion is coming, and this season we're taking the classic art of origami to new levels. Instead of folding paper, we've folded gold and glamorous gemstones into modern jewelry sculptures that are sure to make a statement.


1. Origami isn't for the birds anymore.



ISHARYA Origami Jewelry 


2. A fold of gold around your wrist gives new energy to any ensemble.



Origami Pyramid Statement Cuff

3. The leaves may be losing their rich green color, but that doesn't mean you have to.




Origami Pyramid Statement Cuff
Green Malachite Origami Cuff


4. Delicate, certainly, yet bold. Like you. 




Origami Pearl Stud Earrings


5. Decisions, decisions. 



Origami Pyramid Statement Cuff
Green Malachite Origami Cuff
Origami Gold Edge Cuff


6. Layer these cuffs for a truly unique sculpture of your own.



Gold Edge Origami Cuff
Origami Gold Chevron Cuff
Green Malachie Origami Cuff 


7. Dress things up with a pretty pendant that matches the crisp fall sky.



Origami Gold Chevron Cuff
Blue Chalcedony Origami Y Necklace
Origami Chevron Non-Pierced Ear Cuff Earrings


8. Like two arrows on your wrist, pointing to your impeccable taste.




Origami Gold Edge Cuff 


9. A fun "angle" on the hot-off-the-runway ear cuff trend.




Origami Chevron Non-Pierced Ear Cuff Earrings


10. Green + gold may not exactly be the new black, but does it really matter?




Green Malachite Origami Midi Ring
Origami Gold Manicure Ring


11. Don't suffer the post-summer blues - weave them into your fierce fall fashion!




Blue Chalcedony Origami Three Stone Earring


12. Fall means getting to reinvent your style - choose your gems wisely. 



Blue Chalcedony Origami Y Necklace
Green Malachite Origami Y Necklace


13. Our favorite excuse for a fall mani?  Being able to show off midi, mani and statement rings that bring the right amount of bling to any outfit.




Blue Chalcedony Origami Galactica Statement Ring
Origami Gold Manicure Ring
Green Malachite Origami Midi Ring


So go ahead - fold into fall with these bold new looks.



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ISHARYA Designer Jewelry + Indian Bridal Gifts = Match Made in Wedding Gift Heaven
Here comes the bride, all dressed in...gold-trimmed, dripping-glam polki mirror hand bracelets and multi-finger midi, manicure and knuckle rings.
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[Photo Blog] Passport to Summer Style

This summer, set sail for fashionable waters in shades of bold gold, ocean blue and color, color, color from our collection of travel jewelry.


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