Surrender To The Sunshine: Colorful Jewelry Your Summer Wardrobe Needs!
Incase you hadn’t noticed, summer is officially here, all hot and heavy. While the summer heat sure has a way of really knocking you out, it’s also the season of bright colors, sea shells and tons of weekend getaways – so you really can’t be all that down. Just in time for the season, we launched La Conchita – an ode to those eternal summer vibes, inspired by the seven seas. And also Gypsy Soul, which is an easy to style collection replete with filigree work, pearls and gold. And to really get you in that summer sunshine mood, we’re breaking down our favorite pieces from these collections + giving you some cool celebrity outfit inspiration to keep those good vibes flowing through the season.

To lunch with the girls

Keep it bright and simple when you’re going to lunch with the girls. A pop-color top tucked into a ruffled skirt like Ananya Panday will work wonders. Top it off with our La Conchita Abstract  Floral Stud Earrings in Coral to match!

Ananya Panday:


On a dinner date

Ideally a dinner date outfit should be comfy and a little bit sexy all at once. Tara Sutaria’s white crop and skinny jeans make for the perfect look this summer. Whether you’re dining outdoors by the pool or at a swanky new spot in town, the outfit matched with our Gypsy Soul Leaf Cascading Statement Earrings will work wonders!



To work

When you’re headed to work in the summer, yes the aircon keeps you cool inside the office, but the travel can be brutal. Do it like Khushi Kapoor and pick a white cotton shirt and a high-waited skirt to match. To make it more seasonal, stack up some of our La Conchita Graphic Statement Hinge Bangles on one wrist and wear your watch on the other.

Khushi Kapoor:


On holiday

When you’re already wearing something bright like Kareena Kapoor Khan on holiday, your jewelry can take a slightly subtle route. Pick out our Gypsy Soul Filigree Khloé Hoops that can go seamlessly from day to night.



A fashionable Friday night out

Alia Bhatt definitely knows how to make a statement. Her electric blue jumpsuit is ideal for that fashionable red carpet event. While the outfit works for every season; all you need to do is add our La Conchita Long Fan Earrings in Coral to add some color and make a splash this summer.

Alia Bhatt:

Earrings use model image:

While travelling

Denim is a great way to go this summer and it’s ideal for travelling. Wear denim on denim like Deepika Padukone at the airport and add a delicate piece of jewellery – like our Gypsy Soul Filigree Pendant Necklace.



To a cocktail party

Looking like the bomb-dot-com is easy in a cocktail dress like Priyanka Chopra’s. While she wore this to an award show last weekend, this outfit could be ideal for a cocktail party right here in the city. Isharya’s La Conchita Abstract Floral Ring in Turquoise will help you add some color to the sparkle bringing your whole look together for the season.

Priyanka Chopra:


To a wedding party

Attending a wedding this summer? Go for a printed lehenga in a light, easy to wear fabric like Katrina Kaif. And as for your jewelry, our Gypsy Soul Filigree Celestial Maang Tikka and Pearl Hand Harness will keep you looking summery and fresh!

Katrina Kaif:

Maang tikka:

Hand harness:

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Hot Trend: Needle & Thread Earrings Are Here To Stay
Does the perfect pair of earrings exist? One that can be bling enough for the evening but still subtle during the day? A pair that’s just the right size to match any outfit. Something that does both, stand out and be understated at the same time. The key to an ideal set of earrings seems to be balance. And it’s this balance, quite literally, that makes Needle and Thread earrings the accessory of the hour. Creating a statement with accessories is something Isharya as a brand is known for. Our pieces come with clusters of mirror to radiate sparkle, pearls to enhance elegance and more recently, a titanium plating to represent the woman of today – strong and unstoppable. But none of these features come without functionality. Today we’re taking you through our hot sellers for the season; functional, sparkling, subtle but with a statement – our Needle and Thread earrings are the epitome of balance and we’re showing you how to wear them anywhere and everywhere, be it morning, noon or night. Firstly, whether you’re a pearl, mirror or gold girl, there’s a Needle and Thread earring for you on our website or at our stores. And what’s so great about them is that they create that impressive illusion of being a statement piece when in real life, they’re the most effortless earrings you could own. Here’s a look at our Needle and Thread earring edit along with tips on how and where to wear them. Pearls are irreplaceable in a girl’s wardrobe. Often they’re an heirloom piece that never really goes out of style. But if you’re on the hunt to find pearls that are à la mode and indisputably stylish, our Empress Warrior Ornate Pearl Needle & Thread Earrings are it. Handcrafted with cotton ball pearls and gold plated brass, they come in two colors to choose from and will seamlessly take your LBD from a day at the office to cocktail hour at the hottest new lounge in town.

Empress Warrior Multi Color Pearl String Earrings

Empress Warrior Pearl String Earrings

Our Ayaana collection comes with three Needle and Thread beauties. The collection itself was inspired by the ceilings of the Meenakshi temple in Chennai which means you’ll see dainty Japanese pearls as well as fiery, hand-cut polki mirrors – the best of both worlds. Ayaana’s Pearl and Mirror Needle and Thread Earrings feature both – pearls and mirror which makes it a piece to be reckoned with. It’s fit for a stylish crowd in the evening and if you’re smart about it, you could even dress it down with that sustainable and stylish organic cotton tee and a string of pearls around your neck to match – effortless but not without a dash of glamour.

Ayaana Mirror and Pearl Needle-Thread Earrings

Ayaana’s Circle and Mirror Needle and Thread Earrings as well as the Double Diamond Needle and Thread Earrings fall more in the dainty, neat category. But dress them up with a sparkling choker around your neck and a stack of arm candy to match and you’re left with a lethal combo of shine and charm that could easily entrap the viewer, leaving them spellbound.

Ayaana Circle Mirror Needle-Thread Delicate Earrings

Ayaana Diamond Mirror Needle-Thread Delicate Earrings

Last, but certainly not the least on our list would be the newest offering to our Needle and Thread journey – our Fool’s Gold Pearl and Pyrite Needle and Thread Earrings. Cotton pearls encrusted with Pyrite, the gunmetal grey colored semi-precious stone that was once known as “fool’s gold,” is today believed to attract wealth and prosperity. And when they’re so comfortable to wear and style, how could you possibly deny them? Wear them with a pearly arm party and your mom jeans and shirt for a trendy day out with the girls, or in the evening with your new sparkling duster jacket and matching skirt combo for some ‘wine and dine’.

Fool’s Gold Needle and Thread Earrings

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7 Pieces Of Jewelry That’ll Make You Look & Feel Like The Boss
You know the days when you have your A-game on? You feel confident and just that little extra bit peppy in everything you do. It’s because while confidence comes from inside out, looking your best helps make you feel your best. That’s why simply figuring out what to wear isn’t enough. When you take that little extra effort to also think about what accessories to pair with your clothes, that’s when your look packs max punch because let’s face it ladies, a great piece of jewelry can not only enhance your outfit, it can deliver the most impact in your entire ensemble. For example, take a simple blazer with a pair of trousers. On it’s own sure, it looks formal. But add on a string of pearls and a pair of stud earrings to match and you have a #BossLook on your hands. We picked out 7 pieces of such jewelry that’ll make you do both: Look AND feel like the boss!

Ayaana Pearl & Mirror Dual Color Necklace

When you’re doing all black or black and white to the office, this necklace is great to add a hint of color to your look.

Noor Lapis Stud Earrings

Stud earrings with mirror and glass – your new office wear essential beckons!

Infinite Petals Blue Chalcedony Resin Orange Peel Earrings

As far as hoop earrings go, these are total knockouts once worn. And the best part, there’s a color for every mood you feel like wearing to the office.

Empress Warrior Pearl Swirl Bangle

Pearls are always winners when it comes to office dressing. Wear just one on your wrist to add some elegance to an otherwise strict outfit.

Ayaana Double Layered Lariat

Multifunctional lariats like these are great for when you have to be working all day and then partying all night.

Noor Black & Multicolored Hinged Bangle

Stack this with your wristwatch to add a feminine touch to your workday #ootd.

Empress Warrior White Pearl Sabre Ring

A ring so fierce, it’s bound to get you whatever you want at the flick of your finger.
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Fringe Benefits: These Accessories Were Made To Dance In All Night Long
You’ll have to agree when we say that the slight change in temperature is a telltale sign for the party season ahead. Come December, every weekend is dotted with cocktails, weddings and seasonal events – most of which call for endless hours spent on the dance floor. Which brings us to accessories that do exactly that; dance with you all evening long. Fringe has been a hot trend ever since we saw how dramatic it can be with minimal effort. So why not have it be the main feature of your accessories? Whether it’s accentuated with gemstones or just kept simply elegant with pearls; gold fringe is an element that easily glamourizes the piece to make it a winner at practically any party you wear it to. So take your pick from our favorite gold fringe pieces as you welcome the season of bottomless champagne and nights that end with the sunrise…

Ayaana Fringe Earrings

Put on that flapper dress because you’re now the sassy owner of a pair of earrings to match! They called it the roaring ’20s for a reason!

Noor Marsala Fringe Ring

You’ve seen fringe on necklaces and earrings but they’re truly next level when you see them on your ring. Paired with your flawless manicure, the person you’re talking to won’t know what to focus on: what you’re saying or your ring.

Noor Pearl & Gold Fringe Earrings

You won’t be able to resist moving and shaking when these are on. Why? Because you’re going to love how the fringes move with every little nod.

Bombay Deco Tassel Statement Mirror Earrings In Gold

Dance and these tasseled beauties will shine and mimic every move you make.
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All Our Iconic Pieces Are Coming Out To Play This Monsoon
The only thing that can brighten up these dull, rainy days is a bit of glitz and glam. Sure the monsoon calls for your dark clothes and sensible heels but the one thing it doesn’t restrict is your selection of jewelry. Our iconic pieces are those that have been loved by you, the #IsharyaTribe, and when they first sold out we didn’t think they were ever coming back. But we hear you; if it’s our bestselling necklaces and earrings you want, then that’s exactly what you’ll get. We’ve brought back everything, from those glitzy Angel Dust earrings to our Celeste chokers and Disco Mirror cuffs. Here are some of our ultimate favorites to make it easier for you to add to your shopping cart! Prism Mirror Statement Hoop Earring Your party won’t need a disco ball once you have these earrings on. Leave the shining to them! Celeste Mirror Asymmetrical Earrings If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like to have stars dangling from your ears, here’s your answer. Silver Disco Mirror Chandelier Earring Sure, they’re edgy. But just think about how great they’d look paired with a slicked back bun and bright lips. Angel Dust Mirror Choker With Long Chain If a hint of glamour is what you’re after, this necklace is the key. Pair it with a plunging neck and earrings to match. Paradise Dew Statement Tassel Earrings When you move, these babies move. But that’s not all, they were made to shine and stand out while they danced from your ears. Disco Mirror Rib Cuff Stack this on with your watch for some added drama during the day. For the evening, try wearing one on each wrist to really amp up the glamour. Want more? Find the rest of our Iconic pieces right here:
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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Guide
The month of May is associated with three things – mangoes, the sweltering summer heat and of course Mother’s Day. Now before you go with the traditional bed in breakfast idea, take a minute to hear us out. Yes, you can definitely add yet another piece to her collection of “Best Mom In The World” mugs, but we’re pretty sure she’ll love these pieces straight out of our Mother’s Day Edit. We’ve put down everything from our best selling clutches to our high-on-shine jewellery at special prices, only to make sure you and your mum have the best Mother’s Day yet. Let’s be honest, your mum is the queen of the house and this Maharani acrylic clutch is perfect for her. Complete with black glitter and a crown, this is the closest thing to a real life tiara for mummy dearest, wouldn’t you say? Wear one at a time or stack it up, it’s minimal and classy and we’re sure your mom will find a million and one ways to wear it. Pearls never really go out of style. Keep it simple with these drop earrings and she’ll reach for them every time she has a party to attend. This chunky ring complete with gold accents and translucent emerald stone is for the mums who like making bold fashion statements. It makes for an apt present for the rock in your life. Have mum jump onto the tassel party with this necklace. It’s simple enough for the day and can be glammed up with a cocktail dress at night! PS, we have a contest running on our Instagram page for Mother’s Day, don’t forget to enter to WIN some delicious ISHARYA goodies!
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All Your Coachella Accessories Are Right Here!
All Your Coachella Accessories Are Right Here! It’s that time of the year again. Whether you’re in Indio, California or not your social media feed is going to be flooded with photos from The Coachella Valley Music & Arts festival. There’s no escaping it. It’s two weekends of music, fashion, food and art and when it comes to picking out an outfit for the festival, people spend weeks deciding! It’s all about summery silhouettes, bright colors and a free spirit. We decided to make it a tad bit easier for you this year and give you our Coachella edit. You’ll find pieces that fit the theme perfectly and give you those Coachella vibes, even if you’re not attending this year. Take a look at our picks:

Angel Dust Mirror Headgear

Head accessories and Coachella go together like cookies and cream.
Angel Dust Mirror Headgear

Pasha Pearl Statement Hand Harness

Coachella is all about being quirky with your accessories. Let your hands do the talking with this one.
Pasha Pearl Statement Hand Harness

Temple Muse Multi-Color Long Earrings

Tie your hair back and let these bright beauties shine through.
Temple Muse Multi Color Long Earrings

Empress Warrior Pearl Tassel Necklace

Your festival fringe game will be super strong!
Empress Warrior Pearl Tassel Necklace
Layer it with our DIY leather choker
DIY Leather Choker/Bracelet

Bombay Deco Teal Resin Mirror Bangle

A stack of these on your wrist could Coachella-fy any outfit!
Bombay Deco Teal Resin Mirror Bangle
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5 Isharya Accessories To Carry On Your Summer Holiday
Your outfit will be incomplete without these! Summer’s finally here and if the soaring temperatures weren’t enough of an indicator, we have something that will really set you in the mood. Everyone’s favorite part about summer has got to be summer holidays! Jet setting off to an exotic location, sipping on cocktails and just sunbathing by the pool – what more could anyone want, right? None of it would be complete without the perfect wardrobe and accessories to match. Here’s where we come in. Say hello to The Summer Edit! We’re helping you pick out all the best summer accessories from Isharya – these will elevate any outfit you wear on your vacation! Decadence Decoded Mirror Ear Cuff In Gold They’re perfect to add an extra bit of edginess to your #ootd
Decadence Decoded Mirror Ear Cuff In Gold
NOW Personalized Chain Bag Strap You don’t need a necklace when you have this bag-strap slung around your torso.
Personalized Chain Bag Strap
Maïa Scallope Pearl and Malachite Bangle Wear these along with your watch to create the perfect holiday stack.
Maïa Scallope Pearl and Malachite Bangle
Infinite Petals Amazonite Stone and Peach Resin Ring Perfect for when you’re not near the ocean, but want to feel like you are!
Infinite Petals Amazonite Stone and Peach Resin Ring
Empress Warrior Azure Pearl Lariat When you’re on the go, a lariat is always useful!
Empress Warrior Azure Pearl Lariat
Want more? Stop by The Summer Edit at the Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai on the 4th of April and shop our entire holiday collection! We can’t wait to see you!
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They Were Right When They Said, ‘Less Is More’
Step into a wedding today on home turf and women dripping in diamonds, and an all-round aura of bling surrounds you. When the Indian wedding industry is worth over INR 100,000 crore, you’re bound to find an array of brides dressed head-to-toe in embroidered couture and the sparkliest jewels. To be honest, sometimes it’s hard to differentiate the bride from an attendee. But in walks a minimalist, straying from the ‘lehenga-choli’ norm, with a simple, but exquisite piece around her neck and suddenly all eyes are on her. While your grandma’s heirloom jadau necklace will always be your most prized possession, in 2018, it’s all about keeping it current and contemporary – traditional wedding or not. It’s what our pieces at Isharya bring to the ‘wedding’ table. Pair a mirror cuff as is and it can be the most elegant part of your outfit, but put a few of them together and you have an accessory party on your hands. No matter how you choose to wear them, our styles have always been au courant and at the same time, some of our collections feature elements everyone from your mother to grandmother will approve of. For a summer wedding, choose from large, rose gold and mirrored hoops and chandelier earrings from our Decadence Decoded collection.
Decadence Decoded Mirror Front Hoop Earrings
Filigree work and resin in all colors from Infinite Petals could leave a bohemian bride spoilt for choice.
Infinite Petals Filigree Fan Blue Chalcedony Resin Knife Edge Cuff
Bombay Deco and Empress Warrior are filled to the brim with strong accessories that feature pearls, turrets, sabers and crystals in both metallic and color – All modern and as millennial as they can be.
Bombay Deco Statement Mirror Choker Necklace
Empress Warrior Statement Pearl Ring
Of course contemporary jewels don’t necessary have to be costume but with the overflow of destination weddings, costume is undoubtedly the best way to go, don’t you think? Credit: Senhora Magazine
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Meet ISHARYA’s Empress Warrior
Our fiercest and most confidence-boosting collection yet! 2017 is wrapping up and the hottest trend we spotted was the strong, independent and confident voices of women everywhere, demanding to be respected. We declare confidence the most stylish accessory of the season and with ISHARYA’s new collection, you can actually wear it! Meet Empress Warrior, a collection inspired by the historic Rani Laxmi Bai. Statement-making pieces are fashioned from sword and shield silhouettes which modern day Goddess Sonam Kapoor just worked with panache. She wasn’t the only one. Our Empress Goddess statement swirl earrings also adorned the talented Kanika Kapoor. While we salute the work they’ve contributed to their industries, ISHARYA’s Empress Warrior is all about ‘Sheroes’. Names like Upasana Makati who launched India’s first magazine in Braille, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, a transgender rights activist, Geeta Phogat and Mary Kom (do we really need to tell you more about them?) and Mitali Madhimita, the first officer in the Indian Army to receive a Gallantry Award immediately come to mind. And they’re proof that women can do it all! It’s safe to say that Empress Warrior is our fiercest and most confidence-boosting collection yet. So what are you waiting for? Shop away!  
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